Blame it on my Youth

Wouldn’t it be great if we lowered the voting age to 16? Continue reading


Mont Saint Sauveur

This was our second ski trip to Mont Saint Sauveur. Toronto skiers always get nervous about March Break, which in the 416 usually means balmy, rainy weather with puddles of slushy mud everywhere. Continue reading

In Praise of Delegated Conventions

Today, members of the Ontario PC Party meet to hear the voting results of their recent leadership election. Over 60,000 votes will be counted, and a new leader (and party members hope the next Premier) will be announced. One-member-One-vote. And yet, it makes me long for the days of the old-fashioned, delegated conventions where just a small number of the most devoted party enthusiasts would take on this momentous task. Continue reading

Here is Bitcoin

I’ve harboured doubts about Bitcoin for years. I first heard of friends buying some when it was a few hundred dollars three years ago. It’s ten thousand dollars now. But what is a Bitcoin? I don’t actually know. What do you use it for? Not sure. Most people buying Bitcoin only talk about converting it back into dollars – at some point. But, what does a Bitcoin look like? Yes. You know. It’s that shiny gold coin with the hashed “B” on it. Right? Continue reading

Clevelands House

There are few family-run holiday resorts remaining in Muskoka. I wrote about one, Pinelands Resort, last year, which until 2006 was one of the last old-wooden lodges remaining among endless lakes, forests and rocks of “cottage country”. Today, Clevelands House persists in offering that original Muskoka charm, with a humble, yet hospitable feel in an era of 5-star Marriotts, Hiltons and Sheratons that are gradually taking over Ontario’s resort industry. Continue reading


While an election landslide is when a candidate has a massive victory, in the other type of landslide someone usually gets buried. And that is what seems to be happening to season six of “VEEP“. If you haven’t caught the latest season, you’re not alone – fans are fleeing this show like voters abandoned Selina Meyer’s fictional election campaign. I’ve re-written some of the episode guides for season six to help you catch up: Continue reading