Mont Saint Sauveur

This was our second ski trip to Mont Saint Sauveur. Toronto skiers always get nervous about March Break, which in the 416 usually means balmy, rainy weather with puddles of slushy mud everywhere. Continue reading


Horsing Around

Back in August 2016, I wrote about joining Ontario Racing to help improve public policy and industry relations for the horse racing industry.  For an industry built on a century-old business model, we’ve accomplished a lot to help modernize it. But first, I want to explain what I’ve seen so far with this collection of pictures. Continue reading

Clevelands House

There are few family-run holiday resorts remaining in Muskoka. I wrote about one, Pinelands Resort, last year, which until 2006 was one of the last old-wooden lodges remaining among endless lakes, forests and rocks of “cottage country”. Today, Clevelands House persists in offering that original Muskoka charm, with a humble, yet hospitable feel in an era of 5-star Marriotts, Hiltons and Sheratons that are gradually taking over Ontario’s resort industry. Continue reading

Grand Canyon – The Lookout Studio

The old stone Lookout Studio perched on the south rim of the Grand Canyon is one of the most scenic points of this landmark. The “studio” itself is rustic, made out of local stones. It was built in 1914. This point offers some of the best views of the entire canyon, with views to the north side almost 2o miles away.

I took this photo in September 2009, using a small Canon Powershot camera.