Blame it on my Youth

Wouldn’t it be great if we lowered the voting age to 16? Continue reading


In Praise of Delegated Conventions

Today, members of the Ontario PC Party meet to hear the voting results of their recent leadership election. Over 60,000 votes will be counted, and a new leader (and party members hope the next Premier) will be announced. One-member-One-vote. And yet, it makes me long for the days of the old-fashioned, delegated conventions where just a small number of the most devoted party enthusiasts would take on this momentous task. Continue reading

Why Clinton Lost

Hillary Clinton. First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State. Rarely has a more politically experienced person been a candidate for the Presidency. Yet, all this experience and qualification was for not. America voted for Donald Trump, someone who has never been in public office, and who promised to “drain the swamp” in Washington DC – the very swamp that Clinton was standing neck-deep in.

There are some key, but simple reasons why Democrat heir-apparent Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 U.S. election: Continue reading

Scarborough Needs a Subway

Critics of the Scarborough Subway say it has fewer stops and a higher cost than alternative transit options – but that is precisely the point

Sixty years ago, a large sprawling tract of vegetable farms east of Toronto transformed seemingly overnight into a maze of tangled, winding residential streets in cookie-cutter housing subdivisions. What was once a farming township now contains 700,000 people, factories, malls and highways. Continue reading

In All of Us Command

Our country has progressed. Our national anthem should too.

Yesterday, Canada’s House of Commons gave its final vote of approval to Bill C-210. This was a private members bill introduced by MP Mauril Bélanger. This bill proposes that the line “in all thy sons command” be changed to “in all of us command“, making the English lyrics of the national anthem gender neutral. Continue reading