While an election landslide is when a candidate has a massive victory, in the other type of landslide someone usually gets buried. And that is what seems to be happening to season six of “VEEP“. If you haven’t caught the latest season, you’re not alone – fans are fleeing this show like voters abandoned Selina Meyer’s fictional election campaign. I’ve re-written some of the episode guides for season six to help you catch up: Continue reading


Screening Immigrants for Anti-Canadian Values: How to do it right

I always thought that welcoming immigrants into our country was a core Canadian value. If you were against that, then you’re the one who was anti-Canadian. Turns out that, according to some politicians, we’ll be able to quiz incoming residents on their “values” (with a lie-detector test?) and boot-out the ones that don’t quite fit into Canada.

This got me thinking…imagine if we only let immigrants into Canada who meet the highest threshold of civility and respectability. Continue reading

Top 5 Exciting Things About Brexit

Many exciting things will happen to Britain after Brexit.  Here are the top 5:

1.England will become a hockey Superpower. Yes, you heard it here first. Look at countries like Russia, Canada and the United States – all known for producing great hockey teams. And guess what? None are part of the EU. This is England’s chance. No longer in the clutches of the European Union, England will shoot for hockey gold in the next winter Olympics. Continue reading