Mont Saint Sauveur

This was our second ski trip to Mont Saint Sauveur. Toronto skiers always get nervous about March Break, which in the 416 usually means balmy, rainy weather with puddles of slushy mud everywhere.

But we hit the jackpot in this Laurentian retreat. Temps ranged from -2°C to 0°C, and it snowed non-stop, with about 15 inches piling up from Monday to Thursday.


Just 45 minutes north of Montreal, there are a bunch of ski resorts around the Saint Sauveur area. Mont Saint Sauveur is one of the biggest, with a vertical drop of 700ft and average annual snow fall of 254cm (two-and-a-half metres of snow).


Above is your author, pointing out the trail with the most direct route to the nearest St. Hubert.


There are good hotels in the village of Saint Sauveur, as well as many slope-side, chalet-style accommodations, like these along the “Le Plagne” ski trail.


The base area of Mont Saint Sauveur features the kids’ bunny slope, as well as the year round “Viking” roller coaster ride, which is run by a hydraulic pulley system. It’s also fun.


You’ve seen one ski village, you’ve see them all, though Saint Sauveur is not without its charm. There’s dozens of boutique clothing stores, fashion outlets, candy shops and unique restaurants along the main drag.

There’s a bit of trivia here: Mont Saint Sauveur (or Sommet Saint Sauveur) had one of the very first mechanical lifts in North America, installed in 1934. But you can read about all that on its Wikipedia page.

Mike Chopowick – Quebec, March 14, 2018.


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