While an election landslide is when a candidate has a massive victory, in the other type of landslide someone usually gets buried. And that is what seems to be happening to season six of “VEEP“. If you haven’t caught the latest season, you’re not alone – fans are fleeing this show like voters abandoned Selina Meyer’s fictional election campaign. I’ve re-written some of the episode guides for season six to help you catch up:

Omaha – April 16, 2017
Former U.S. President Selina Meyer, one year after losing the election, is now little more than a pathetic narcissist, drifting aimlessly between writing an autobiography, starting her underfunded presidential library and appearing on morning talk shows. To virtually everyone’s horror, Selina considers running for President again, but is thankfully talked out of it by her family and remaining small circle of staff. Kent Davidson and Ben Cafferty, once powerful White House advisors, have now lowered themselves to working as assistants to hapless rookie New Hampshire congressman Jonah Ryan.

Library – April 23, 2017
Besides being underfunded, no location and no legacy, Selina’s plans for a presidential library are further thrown off track when her ex-husband, and main bagman, sleeps with the female artist painting Selina’s official portrait. Selina’s former campaign manager, Amy, is engaged to “Buddy” – a bumbling candidate running for Governor of Nevada, whose campaign nosedives after he is arrested for driving drunk – and then launches into a sexually explicit, obnoxious, sickening tirade which is recorded by the police dash-cam and replayed endlessly on the news broadcasts.


Georgia – April 30, 2017
Selina observes elections in the former Soviet republic of Georgia and considers taking bribes from corrupt politicians. Jonah starts to realize what a social outcast he is when he discovers his fellow congress colleagues all out at a restaurant without him – after they lied about being too busy just so they can avoid him.

Justice – May 7, 2017
Selina, and her overworked, underappreciated obsessive assistant, Gary, both must recover from minor heart attacks. While Selina does manage to show a slight bit of rare humanity toward Gary, she continues to treat her daughter, Catherine, with contempt and disdain. Selina also continues to take advantage of her desperate, unemployed former press secretary, Mike, by not paying him for the work he is doing on her autobiography. Also, in a moment of complete lack of self awareness and delusion, Selina believes she is being considered for an appointment as a Supreme Court Justice. Few others are surprised that this rumor turns out to be nothing further from the truth.

veep 6b

Judge – June 11, 2017
Selina visits Gary’s family home in Alabama to celebrate his 40th birthday, but instead shows that her selfishness and arrogance knows no bounds when she passes off one of Gary’s personal experiences as her own story – just so she could befriend a wealthy oil tycoon who she invited to crash Gary’s party along with his entourage. Former press secretary Mike hits peak levels of incompetence and clumsiness when he loses Selina’s presidential diary. With Amy’s help, he realizes he accidentally gave her diary to a reporter at the Washington Post. Mike is still working for free, even though it is revealed that Selina received an advance for her autobiography.

Mike Chopowick, Toronto – June 26, 2017

veep 6




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