Is a $520 Airport Lounge Pass a Good Use of Taxdollars? Maybe

So let’s say a federal cabinet minister pays $520 for an annual airport lounge pass. Now let’s say this cabinet minister gets reimbursed by public taxdollars for that $520 airport lounge pass. Many would claim this is a terrible use of public money. Or is it?  Continue reading


Tim Hudak’s First Chapter Closes

It wasn’t meant to last forever.

I’m pretty sure that’s what 27-year old Tim Hudak thought the night he was first elected as the MPP for Niagara South on June 8, 1995, barely beating the Liberal front-runner by 1,000 votes. Over twenty years later, he announced his resignation today. He has delivered over two decades of exemplary service to Ontarians, and deserves a fond place in Ontario’s history books. Continue reading

Why I Joined Horse Racing

As a public affairs executive, I’m fortunate to have had a diverse and exciting career, working in government and industry associations, on issues from property tax, mining development, air transport policy and rental housing legislation. Tomorrow is my first day on the job in what will be my most exciting venture yet, as Director of Policy for Ontario Racing, on behalf of the horse racing industry. Continue reading